Acquiring a good merchant account is no small feat with all the choices that are out there, so I figured as a Professional Organizer I may as well pass on a great tip for anyone interested so you can save tons of time on the investigative process.

I "stumbled" into this GREAT guy who deals in setting up professionals with incredible percentages on merchant accounts and great pricing on equipment. Al services people across the States -- so feel free to contact him for a "deal of a lifetime."

By the way, I get no "kickbacks" for saying all this -- Al is just a great guy with superb packages!!

Anyone interested, feel free to contact Al at:
(808) 297-1656
(808) 276-5821

Much Aloha,

Julie Signore - CEO
1,2,3 SORT IT Organizing Solutions -- Innovative Tools
NSA Member, NAPO Member

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