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Before we highlight our FABULOUS “Hot Pick” is a bit of very interesting history! In 1854, Henry T. Sisson of Providence R.I. was awarded his patent for “a novel apparatus which may be applied in the back of a portfolio or attached to a suitable handle for the purpose of holding and securing music sheets, pamphlets, or papers of any kind”. His invention became an essential tool for students, educators, and sales staff everywhere: the first loose-leaf binder! Nearly 500 patents (all relating to loose-leaf binders), and 150 years later, a revolutionary advance in the technology of loose-leaf paper handling has come to fruition! This creative company has now been awarded 3 patents for their ingenious product, with other US and Foreign patents pending!

Here at 1,2,3 SORT IT we are elated to present to you - UniKeep!!

Now, I must admit that when I was first approached by this company for feedback on their product, I wasn’t exactly wild with excitement about checking out a binder! What could be so different? I mean a binder is a binder - right? Not anymore!

Without a doubt -- this is truly an exhilarating product. You will be so excited when you see your first UniKeep Binder that you’ll dream up all sorts of ways to use even more of them! Not to mention, the company keeps creating more innovative lines to boot!

What makes UniKeep so different? First of all it’s flat! No more bulky binders taking up “prime real estate” in your bookshelf, supply closet or on your desk. Just imagine the space you can save regardless of whether you choose to stack them horizontally OR vertically!

The UniKeep is definitely eye-appealing, durable, lightweight and my favorite feature is -- it’s FULLY enclosed! UniKeep is a wonderful additions to any project! Whether it be for school, the home, hobbies, remodeling...the sky is the limit for ways to use this incredible tool!

Recently I worked with a client who was performing a major renovation. The Extreme Binder made the project much easier to organize. Labeling each of the compartments by room made it much more manageable to retrieve samples, reference materials and plans without ever worrying that “something” would fall out of a designated compartment! My client looked so organized that the Interior Designer asked her where to get a UniKeep Binder!

Yet wait! That’s not all! UniKeep also sports an array of accessories as well as CD/DVD dividers, media disk pages, pocket pages and card pockets. Every product is made from 100% polypropylene, so you can be assured that what you need is safe indeed! The UniKeep binder comes in multiple colors, sizes and designs. It’s very reasonably priced. Why you could even afford to donate all those archaic binders and replace them with a UniKeep to save tons of space!

For the full line of Unikeep Binders check out their website or call 800-829-8117. The UniKeep can also be found at Office Depot, Office Max and Staples. After 150 years of the same technology, you owe it to yourself to own this truly innovative and FUN organizing tool!

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