Simple "Recipe Style Techniques"
for Organizing Your Kitchen

Please note: This section is extremely lengthy and has been designed to assist you when you are finally ready to organize your Kitchen -- at your leisure.

We highly suggest taking several "before" pictures prior to starting this project. You will be absolutely amazed at the results you achieve in following this simple recipe & you may appreciate the pictures at a later date.

When you have completed the recipe we believe you will be very proud of the results and once again remember to take the "after" shot.

There will be 12 specific "Hot Picks" recommended in this recipe as well as "how" to use them. So make sure you check out the products mentioned and do your ordering/pick up prior to D-Day.

Recipe for a Happy Kitchen...
4 cups of Love 5 spoons of Hope
2 cups of Loyalty2 spoons of Tenderness
5 cups of Forgiveness4 quarts of Faith
1 cup of Friendship1 barrel of Laughter

Take love and loyalty, mix it thoroughly with faith.
Blend it with tenderness, kindness and understanding.
Add friendship and hope, sprinkle abundantly with laughter.
Bake it with sunshine.
Serve generously daily.
by Lusana

Okay folks, you have now arrived in the Kitchen section of 1, 2, 3, SORT IT!

Welcome !!

I assure you that this will be a FUN experience as well as give you a chance to finally tackle your organizing challenges in the kitchen. By following these simple "recipe style" steps, I have increased the possibilities for you to master this task lickety-split!

I highly suggest reading through this entire recipe for organizing the kitchen, prior to starting. In this manner you can take a peek at some of the products I highly recommend in the Library section where our "Hot Picks" are located!


Good luck!


Now, a few guidelines along the way: snacking and coffee breaks are permissible -- as long as you break in short intervals of 10 minutes every hour. After all, I want you to think of this task as fun, not drudgery, yet I need to complete this room in order to prepare dinner at a reasonable hour tonight.

To assist you even further, I'm going to include one of my favorite and easiest dinner recipes for you to prepare this evening. Guaranteed to make you look like a sous chef!

As we say in Hawai'i: "Ono!" (Delicious! Good! Fantastic! Superb!)

When To Start?

If your kitchen appears to be a real challenge, then I highly suggest starting early in the morning to tackle this fun job. Yes, I did say F-U-N!

Just to give you an idea, when I organize a Kitchen for a client it normally takes about 8 hours. Keep in mind that this is the one room in the home that needs to be completed the same day it is started because this particular project affects the entire family.

Now don't fret! Stick with me and follow this "Kitchen Recipe" and you will be absolutely amazed at your results! Guaranteed!!!

Ingredients for Organizing the Kitchen:

1 lb. of patience1 pkg. of manila envelopes
5 cups of honesty1 fresh, black, magic marker
tbsp. of humorseveral big heavy trash bags
5 tsps. of forgivenessvacuum
a smidgin' of perseverancebucket and old rags
a dose of realitynew shelf liners
a good cleaning agent for counters, stove and appliances
4 large boxes for sorting labeled:
  1. donations/give-aways
  2. used occasionally
  3. return to sender
  4. recycling center

Look, I'll tell you the truth, you are not alone, and your kitchen is not the worst I have ever seen. Many, many, many people get behind in maintaining their kitchen. Starting now, the size of your kitchen is no longer a good excuse for remaining dis-organized. Got it?

Procrastination on this project ends as of today! Vow to do a service to yourself for a change and make the necessary time to just do it!

I have worked in tiny, teeny kitchens all the way up to HUGE designer gourmet kitchens. Everyone always complains about space and everyone always uses "size" as an excuse.

It Is All A Matter Of How You View It...

As a Professional Organizer it's my job to let you know when "excuses" are creeping in. I'm gentle, yet firm with my clients and I support them in every way I know how, except -- with excuses.

Space is everywhere around you. So I am going to train your eyes to look at it differently. So stay with me r-e-a-l close.

Let's Begin!

In all the kitchens I have organized one of the first steps has always been to weed through, clear out, sort and dump (yup, you heard me: d-u-m-p ), all those papers you are collecting on the counters.

As T. Roosevelt said: "The buck stops here."

We desperately need to retrieve that glorious counter space, no matter how big or small your counter is order to continue with our organizing.

Recipe for Unearthing Kitchen Counters...

Sorting Recipe For "Stuff" And Piles...

"The Paper Chase" of Kitchen Counters...

Break Time!

It's time for a cup of java, tea, juice or a piece of fruit! See you in 10 minutes.

Hmmm, good!

Hope you had a marvelous break! Now back to the paper monsters here.

Yikes! Not to worry -- I am here to support you. Just ask yourself:

"Tah - Dah!" Now the only things remaining on the counters ought to be the appliances, utensils and kitchen knickknacks.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

The Kitchen Counter Recipe...

And now a quick note from our gracious Hostess....

Aloha one and all!

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Many accepted my challenge of "Give it a shot on your own" with incredible success!!! I have literally received hundreds of emails from people all over the world expressing their delight in what they accomplished by following this recipe. YIPEEEE!!! Many are even posted in "Success Stories."

I made this "Kitchen Organizing Recipe" available to test the waters because I truly believe what I have created can assist you in organizing your kitchen! No matter who you are; where you live; or how organizationally challenged you are at this point in time!

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