Kids Rooms

no more:

"Mom where is....",
"I forgot my homework and got another detention"
and even:
"Do I have a clean uniform for the game today?"

Note: I know a 3 1/2 year old that has the weekly chore of sorting and eliminating his nursery school papers, and it's an adorable ritual to witness.

  • fun and creative
  • practical with room for enhancements as they grow
  • conducive to motivating them to be and stay organized.
  • colorful (remember to utilize their ideas and input)
  • school work
  • pictures
  • cards
  • awards and certificates
  • mementos
  • art projects
  • report cards
  • stories etc...

  • Set a specific time/date you and your child visit your local homeless shelter,orphanage, home for abused children etc... These places are in desperate need of items all year long, and you will be teaching your child to help others in need. Kids are elated when they understand they may be playing "Santa" to little boys or girls that may have much less.
  • Note: This system can be used for kids of all ages and is ideal for college dorms that are notoriously low on space.

  • Hold kids responsible for bringing their own laundry to the laundry room on a designated day. If they miss the day -- it might be a great time to teach them how to do their own!
  • Canvas laundry bags that are attached to steel coated frames (with wheels) or the canvas bag that attaches to a wooded stand is our product of choice. The laundry bag is removable or the entire container transportable. They are also washable and versatile. This type of container takes less floor space and holds a very large capacity. Approx. cost: $25. See our resource section for product recommendations.
  • Note: be picky in purchasing this product. There are many department store versions of the tubular versions that fall apart as soon as you attempt to move them. This is one of those times when a more reputable version will be the better choice. (The one I use I have had for 11 years and it still looks brand new!)

    Note: When dealing with kids -- get creative. Install a small basketball hoop above the area for the laundry or waste basket. This creates a much more interesting and fun to encourage kids to put socks in a hamper or papers in a basket.

    Note: Organization is a necessary life skill and far too many of our adult clients were never instructedhow to be organized as kids. It wasn't taught at home nor in the classroom. Sooner or later the need for this skill is required in various capacities for all adults.

  • seasonal clothes
  • items or toys that they haven't grown into yet
  • toys that are display items
  • seldom used items
  • seasonal sport gear, etc...
  • shoes
  • books
  • sporting gear
  • any toys consistently used etc...
  • It is extremely helpful to utilize open bins when storing items on lower shelves for the kids.This way they can easily see the items and it is a great assistance in the deterring the domino reaction when reaching for a specific item.

  • Clear storage containers with assorted colored lids are another option. The child knows the contents of each container primarily because of color coding and it is far more fun and enticing to return things to their proper home.

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