Emergency Preparedness Plan

Being prepared for a natural disaster is a task most people procrastinate on. Bear in mind that we are not bearers of doom and gloom, we adamantly feel that it is a precautionary measure that everyone needs to address to maintain peace of mind "just in case." As the saying goes: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Remember, emergency preparedness reflects far more than natural disasters performed by Mother Nature. It entails the appropriate readiness in areas of our:

  • physical well being
  • environment
  • basic business needs
  • personal lives

  • Because we see emergency preparedness as a paramount service to all our private clients as well as audiences from our seminars, workshops and website, this topic will be regularly expanded upon in future updates of this website. In the interim we will address natural disasters and some basic business needs.

    Our aim is to ease the immense task of procuring a personal inventory system that is user friendly as well as complete. Therefore, we investigated software products to suit your needs in this area. Please feel free to download the demo programs below on "Asset Commander." We believe in this utility as an integral tool to assist you in organizing your personal inventory, so you too can be prepared and gain peace of mind.

    Natural Disasters:

    In the case of a natural disaster many people fail to realize that it is necessary to produce vital documents that can identify you as well as your ownership. Arranging for easy access to this data would be a wise ounce of prevention.

    With this in mind please seriously consider collecting all legal documents of importance. Make several xerox copies of this data and disperse them to various locations outside of your immediate environment for safe keeping.

    In order of progression from bare minimum to an ideal situation, decide on the following scenarios that would generate the most peace of mind for you.

  • store pertinent documents all in one central location - perhaps a designated area within a fireproof file cabinet
  • invest in a fireproof household strong box
  • acquire a safety deposit box at your local bank
  • send secured copies of your vital legal documents to at least two relatives or friends in other geographical areas outside your immediate environment

  • Vital Documents to include in your Emergency Preparedness for a natural disaster:

    Basic business needs for emergency preparedness:

    More than likely 99% of all businesses own an integral piece of equipment that is taken very much for granted -- until a disaster strikes.

    This vital tool is your computer, the work horse of most entrepreneurs. Important questions to ask yourself are:

  • when was the last time you backed up your computer?
  • do you backup daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly ...or when/if you remember?
  • do you perform multiple backups each time ...to protect yourself from a potentially corrupt backup?
  • do you have an alternate startup disk to protect yourself in the case of a hard drive crash?
  • do you own a UPS system?
  • are you running off surge protectors?
  • is your printer, fax, modem, monitor and computer directly plugged into a wall socket ...at the mercy of amperage surges, brownouts and undetected spike within your electrical current?
  • if you suffered a computer failure how many days, weeks, months or years of data would you be subject to losing?
  • in the case of a major computer disaster ...could you and your business be up and running as close as possible to the last 24 hours of operation?

  • Taking care of your computer equipment and ensuring that you are operating in an environment that provides the least amount of potential electrical mishaps as well as human error is an insightful way in which to manage your business. In this manner you are prepared regardless of when "Murphy's Law" may choose to strike.

    In order to decipher your business needs in creating an emergency preparedness plan, keep in mind the following very basic rules.

  • identify any and all records and files that are vital for you to rebuild your business within a 24 hour period
  • these are your critical records
  • ensure you have backups and duplicates for the identified records - computer as well as paper

  • This simple yet somewhat detailed procedure will allow you to be up and running in a very short timespan!

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