Voice Mail

Voice Mail Etiquette

Most people are familiar with the standard form used to record voice mail messages.

Most voice-mail message pads have a standardized order in which to record information. Hmmmm...have you ever noticed that when you retrieve a message, in most cases, the information is completely out of order in reference to the pad?

So now you find yourself jumping from section to section in order to capture the pertinent information. Inevitably, it never fails -- you have to rewind the tape several times to capture what was said. Argh!!!

Using a standard telephone message pad from Adams Business Forms, follow the these tips when leaving a message:

  • always speak clearly and at a pace that is slow enough to give the end receiver of the message time to record the information that is being given.
  • state who the message is for
  • leave the date and time of your call
  • continue with who you are
  • what company you are from
  • provide your complete telephone number with area code, number, and extension
  • leave a message pertaining to the reason for your call
  • state whether you are returning a call
  • want the person to return the call
  • or you will call again
  • be succinct
  • if you are initiating or returning a call, always provide the necessary information that will expedite the process
  • it is always helpful if you can leave a time when you are available to speak again, giving the recipient a window of opportunity to reach you

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