The PHOENIX Organizational
Consulting Service

"... Creating Order out of Chaos"

Julie A. Signore M.S.
Professional Speaker, Professional Organizer,
Author & Personal Coach

"I Could Be More Successful If..."

...I had more: ... I could reduce: ... I could improve:
  • time
  • self confidence
  • space
  • assistance
  • urgencies
  • interruptions
  • procrastination
  • turmoil
  • efficiency
  • team work
  • communication
  • motivation

Do any of these typical responses sound like you?

You can experience all this and more!

The PHOENIX Organizational Consulting Service

Provides a unique combination of:  In helping you create:
  • Assistance
  • Knowledge
  • Support
  • Creative Energy
  • Empathy
  • Fun
  • Fulfillment
  • Self-Motivation
  • Balance/Harmony
  • Personal Time

The effects you have always dreamed of!

It is time to discover the hidden possibilities awaiting, when you choose a different approach to create exactly what you want to achieve!

Learn how to discover your untapped capacity and create whatever successes you have been yearning.

The Opportunity Awaits You!

The PHOENIX Organizational Consulting Service was founded in 1993 as the demands for Julie's unique talents and expertise became increasingly requested.

Julie is a professional speaker, professional organizer, author, motivator and business coach. Her practical, proven techniques in assisting clients awards them a higher success rate in meeting and creating their personal and professional desires, dreams and goals.

Her professional focus includes a diversified group of:

Julie Signore holds a Masters Degree in Education. Her corporate business background encompassed management positions within several Fortune 500 companies. She was also the recipient of the 1996 President's Award from the National Association of Professional Organizers. (NAPO)

Professional Affiliations:
The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
Professional and Personal Coaching Association (PPCA)
International Coaching Federation (ICF)

"The mark of a successful organization isn't whether or not they have problems, it's whether it has the same problems it had last year."
--John Foster Dules

Professional Coaching Services

Philosophy Of Life:

Many wonder: "What is my true reason for being? What is my purpose?" I feel that our reasons and purposes vary and expand as we take on a more balanced state -- in body, mind and spirit. As we open ourselves to alternative ways of viewing circumstances our goals, dreams and aspirations take on new meanings and heights.

I perceive life as a vehicle of sorts that allows one to explore the many talents that we are each endowed with, while remembering to have fun with our creative exploring process along the way. lt's important to understand that: "It is not what you are that holds you back -- but rather what you think you are not!"

Approach Taken During Coaching:

"Don't let the sun set without taking a bite out of the road to your goal." --T. Wilhite

As a Professional Organizer and Personal Business Coach, my intent is to empower clients within a multitude of areas in their lives. By assisting clients in creating a clear visual picture of what needs to be done, they are able to view the obstacles that have appeared to hold them back with new clarity. Clients are then able to realigned themselves with their personal power and strengths, while learning to take responsibility for their successes. lt is truly only as simple or complex as we perceive it to be.

Client Similarities:

Coaching clients and I somehow discover each other in varying ways when the timing in their lives is appropriate. They are people who are:

I support clients in making their dreams and goals become reality. I am committed to my client's successes and best interests. Therefore, my openness and honesty are valuable assets. I am empathetic, yet firm. I respect my clients for who they are and what they do and operate from the premise that we are all on the same journey called "Life." I observe, yet forego judgment. There are no failures, only different experiences.

Client Agreements:

My clients and I have agreements and commitments in the following areas:
Why Coaching?

Coaching is all about surpassing the barriers that we have viewed in the past as our "best" as we strive for balance in one's personal and professional life. The two are entwined and directly affected by each other. My clients accomplish more than they ever dreamed possible while simultaneously enriching their lives to do what they love. It is far too easy to lose sight of our dreams and goals ... placing life on hold without ever realizing it. Far too often people settle for "less" in business achievements, postpone personal time and space and deny their powerful, unique and awesome capabilities.

I believe the relationship fostered by Coach and Client provides the guidance, support and courage it takes to continually strive for excellence.

The process of Personal Coaching is very powerful. I too, retain a Personal Coach and have participated in highly specialized training. Personal clients come from numerous walks of life: doctors, CPA's, educators, entrepreneurs and blue collar workers.

Professional Experience:

"The only limits to achievement are the bonds of belief." --Julie Signore

Currently I am fulfilling my dream as an entrepreneur, motivator, inspirational speaker and author. I have had several successful careers that I attribute to the passion and commitments I honor within myself as well as, keen organizational skills.

I have served in roles as an educator, Fortune 500 manager and chairman of the board for a nonprofit organization. Special programs evolving around Leadership in which I participated, rendered the highest awards from my peers. Personal training on my behalf continues because of my earnestness in assisting clients at 100% of my capacity. I am a highly motivated, self-starting, accomplished individual who creates excitement with my clients through the passion I provide in my services.

M.S. Environmental Education - Magna Cum Laude
B.A. English and Elementary Education - Honors
Programming and Interior Design - matriculated credits

Personal View Of The Future:

A major key to success in Life is to take control of one's present as denoted in the words of Benjamin Disraeli: "Every man crucifies himself between two thieves: one the regret of yesterday and the other the fear of what tomorrow may bring". By changing the way we think, we can change the way we feel. By learning how to tap into the inner depths of one's wisdom - we are all able to create a future that is fulfilling, productive, and as profitable. lt all starts with the commitment to one's present.

The PHOENIX Organizational Consulting Service
P.O. Box 1112
Kula, HI. 96790

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Business & Coaching Testimonials

Due to the sensitive nature of my business, all sessions with clients are held in the strictest form of confidentiality. For this reason the following testimonials are unidentified. Services are rendered and initiated with the use of an agreement that ensures my clients of this right.

"...The service was excellent and I highly recommend her as an expert trainer. I learned things previously unknown to me and now take up less than half the space I required before her arrival."

"Julie is a talented coach. It is clear to me that many professional employees in the County of Maui would benefit and thoroughly enjoy her services." -- County Official

"Julie's knowledge is vast. I thank God for her during one of the most challenging transitions in my life."
-- Author

"...What we have accomplished exceeded my wildest dreams. You are not only helpful but very patient and your pleasant ways keep me focused on the task at hand. You have inspired me to continue trying."
-- Security Guard

"I have gone over and over in my mind how to say "thank you" for the profound impact you have had upon me and the changes you helped facilitate in my life. It has made a difference in my ability to develop a feeling of more professionality and actually be more effective."
-- Entrepreneur

"... It has been an experience, and I would recommend it to any small business that would like an objective opportunity to do what they do, better.
-- Business owner

"Tedious and long were the hours you put into my chaotic little realm. The Aegean Stables were a reasonable comparison to the accumulated bad habits that begat more of the same, until the horsehockey was just about up to my hairy little armpits !

Personally, I not only feel especially lucky, but I may have been given a chance to survive the recession of 92', 93' and 94' -- Entrepreneur

"The help that Julie gave me in office organization involved tips on taxes, mail-sorting, accounting, record keeping, bill paying, basket-sorting and filing. She sorted ALL of my office supplies and placed them in logical locations for easy retrieval."
-- Massage Therapist

"... In firm handed and courteous bursts of creativity energy, Julie quickly put my house in order, and advised numerous ways to keep it there. Her first job was to break the bad habits that had gotten me to this impasse, and in spite of my reluctance to give up the known and comfortable, (albeit unworkable), The Phoenix quickly showed me the error in my ways, and set my feet on the path to righteousness."
-- Store Owner

"Without Julie I would still be wallowing in complete disarray feeling helpless and frustrated. She has empowered me with solutions. By watching how she patiently went through all my stuff, I can now model her skills at organizing.

With all of the time that we have spent together, I also feel that I have made a new friend. She seemed to unconditionally accept all of my concerns and simply organized them to be filed, while other people might have tried to convince me to part with some of this stuff and deem it useless."

" I highly recommend her services for any business !" -- Educator

"Thanks to Julie, I am now more assertive in business dealings. I'm planning better for goal setting and implementation. I'm also able to part with things I don't really need."
-- Entrepreneur